A month's notice in writing is required before a pupil is withdrawn. In lieu of such notice a full month's fee will be charged plus the vacation month's fee where applicable. No notice is accepted during the school vacation.

If the student is to join a school outside of U.P. the countersignature of the Council, Anglo-Indian School, New Delhi, must be obtained.

  • No transfer Certificate is issued until all dues are paid to the School. Caution Money will be refunded, on application within and upto one year from the date the student leaves the school.
  • If a student is absent without leave for a minimum of 30 school days, her name will be struck off the rolls, and fees will be charged for the month in which the student's name is struck off the rolls including any intervening vacation period. This rule is also applicable to students who repeat a class. Parents must withdraw her within 3 days of the result being declared.