Our objective in the field of education is to develop in our pupils strong attitudes of self-reliance and confidence with personal and concentrated study habits to stimulate them to cultivate original thinking, so that later in life, they may make their contribution to society and this great country of ours.

Parents must, therefore, remember that the school discourages private tuition. These undoubtedly makes the pupils lazy, irresponsible and dependent. In genuine cases the necessity of a private tuition will be considered and permission must be obtained by the parents or guardians from the Principal, even if the tuition is taken by a tutor who is not a member of the staff.

In cases where tuition is given it will never be given by the class or subject teacher. This is permissible at the discretion of the Principal and parents must ask for school tuition rates. All permitted tuition cease one month before the final examinations.

On no account will a pupil be allowed to take private tuition for only the last two months of the academic year.

Parents are advised to encourage in their children diligence and honesty in doing their daily homework. As the medium of instruction is English, children should be helped to follow the classes easily and intelligently by a certain amount of regular English conversation at home. In the school they must converse in English.