the house system

The House System has been given much importance in our school.

The element of competition is an incentive to better work it makes for greater interest in and enthusiasm for any activity undertaken. Besides, it teaches the children to understand the working of a democratic setup.

To make for more effective management, the School has been divided into four Houses under the patronage of Claudine, Dina, Josephine and Marian.

Due recognition is given to the House that excels itself in discipline, academics and work and co-curricular activities. Every student in the School belongs to one of these Houses and she is encouraged to contribute her best towards the good name of her house in so doing the child benefits most.

Each House has its own patron Saint after whom it has been named and its own House colour and a motto. This is merely for the purpose of differentiating among the four houses. The exemplary life of the patron is meant to inspire the members of the house to aspire towards good. The colour and the motto symbolize virtues and qualities, which the House members are expected to inculcate.

Each House has at its head a House captain who is assisted by a Vice Captain. Besides, there is a Class house captain who is responsible for the discipline of her house mates in her class. This lessens considerably the burden of the class Teacher who would otherwise have found it difficult to keep track of the activities of the House members in the various classes, which are rather numerous.

With such a division, there is the danger that students might become too House-conscious with the result that an unhealthy competitive spirit might develop. To offset this, a Head Girl is elected. It is her duty to supervise the working of every House so that she ensures, as for as possible, that each House strives towards the same goal, namely, individual efficiency, together with a determination to keep the school Flag flying high.